Heck Yeah.

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Hey Followers, I suck

I just wanted to say (to those of you who noticed my absence) that tumblr like locked me out or something, that’s why I haven’t been posting recently :(

The only reason I am even on right now is because I’m on my friend’s computer…which is so weird. (You should follower her: )

But yeah, anyways, I don’t know why I can’t access my account from my house but I’ll try and find out because I probably miss you more than you miss me :)

Thanks for not unfollowing me ;)


  1. justcallmebabydoll said: You better! Or i’ll eat you wile your sleep! D:< But seriously I adore your blog. <3
  2. loveandeverythingelse said: I was wondering! I only follow 20 people so I have time to notice and wonder about such things. Hope the problem gets fixed soon :)
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