Heck Yeah.

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littlesunspot asked: AHHHH. you're following me. you're blog is one of my favorites!

ahah thanksss :)

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Hey Followers, I suck

I just wanted to say (to those of you who noticed my absence) that tumblr like locked me out or something, that’s why I haven’t been posting recently :(

The only reason I am even on right now is because I’m on my friend’s computer…which is so weird. (You should follower her: )

But yeah, anyways, I don’t know why I can’t access my account from my house but I’ll try and find out because I probably miss you more than you miss me :)

Thanks for not unfollowing me ;)


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incurablydishonest asked: i adore wedding dresses....i geeked out hardcore over your blog. it's amazing :]

thank you <3

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le-emmeth asked: iufhuahguiq
Absolutely drooling all over this and totally not getting any studying done. Thanks. :P
I'm "unofficially" engaged at the moment (he still needs to perform the proper proposal), but we're already making plans for March of 2012. And this is just getting my wedding juices flowing. It's awesome, I love it!

awh, congratulations :) I hope you find the perfect dress (and sorry for distracting you from your work ahahah)